In the village, the waterfall provides an exceptional level of positive energy (13,500 Bovis units) .Quelque 15 kilometers south-west of the village of Jaun in the region of Gros Mont valley is a side valley , framed by the highest Fribourg foothills; the Valley “The Morteys”. The stream of this high valley takes the source on the slopes of Black Vanil at an altitude of 1920 meters above sea level, then flows about three kilometers through the wild landscape and continually loses water before disappearing completely.

In 1928, was carried out the coloring of the source water. To the surprise of geologists, eleven days after coloring, colored water made its appearance in the cascade of Jaun! Up to 6000 liters per second flow of rock in June. To realize the strength of the place, position yourself at the close to the waterfall and yearn deeply and slowly the “light” liquid and crystallized. The waterfall provides exceptional content into positive energy (13,500 Bovis units).